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If you are thinking about committing to a life-changing experience of Prepping and Competing in a Fitness show then taking Chris and Fiona on as your Coaches is the First and most important step that you need to take


Having Competed in dozens of shows themselves earning many Top 3 Placings and Guiding many clients to Placings and Pro Cards, they are the obvious choice when looking to take on a Prep Coach. They will both be with you every step of the way ensuring you reach your goals in the weeks and months during your Prep and into your Reverse Diet


They are supremely confident that if you stick to the plans set out, the results will come, they do not believe in quick fixes and fad diets, sometimes progress may seem slow, but this method has been proven with many of their clients to be the most healthy and effective way


They will give you nothing short of 100% and will be there for you to answer any questions and explain anything you are unsure about…….so what they expect back is 100% commitment and honesty, it works both ways, if you are not being honest with them, missing check-ins, skipping meals, eating shit and missing sessions then you will progress at a slower rate if at all…….they guarantee it…



Pure Elite April 2020

SKU: PE2020
£500.00 Regular Price
£300.00Sale Price

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1. Any Programme or Sessions have been started.

2. Once 7 Days has passed since initial purchase.



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