This is for anyone wanting to take competing very seriously.


A long off-season is essental if you are wanting to grow and develop some muscle.


Many competitors make the mistake of disregarding the off-season and going straight into a final prep phase with little or no training experience.


So if you are serious then this off season will benefit you massively.


What you will get!

  • 30 min Initial one to one consultation (can be done via Video Call or Phone)
  • A Fully personalised plan built for you based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Training splits and programs are periodized every 10/12 weeks depending on the phase of training and your progress.
  • Fully personalised meal plans.
  • Fortnightly Check-Ins 
  • Unlimited Contact Via WhatsApp
  • Access to Private WhatsApp TeamRobinson Chat


Comp Prep 9 Month Off Season


Robinson's Fitness Training Programmes and Training Sessions are none refundable and none transferable once:


1. Any Programme or Sessions have been started.

2. Once 7 Days has passed since initial purchase.

(or whichever occurs first)


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