This is mainly for competitors that have had previous experience or are fairly lean already before starting prep.


If you are carrying excess bodyfat you may not lean down enough in this time period and a longer prep may be needed.


What you will get!

  • 30 min Initial one to one consultation (can be done via Video Call or Phone)
  • A Fully personalised plan built for you based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Training splits and programs tweaked weekly as you progress
  • Fully personalised meal plans
  • Weekly Check-Ins 
  • Full Peak Week Protocol
  • 2 Weeks Post Show Support and Reverse Diet
  • Unlimited Contact Via WhatsApp
  • Access to Private WhatsApp TeamRobinson Chat

Comp Prep 12 Week


Robinson's Fitness Training Programmes and Training Sessions are none refundable and none transferable once:


1. Any Programme or Sessions have been started.

2. Once 7 Days has passed since initial purchase.

(or whichever occurs first)


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